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Ilford's packaged ID-11 1+1 has been one of my standard developer for a few films including PX and HP5+. However, I have qualitatively observed that if I use this developer at 25C with time adjusted for comparable shadow speed, I get higher highlight contrast. This is in contrast to Microphen 1+1 with which I can almost always process at 25C with adjusted time for nearly identical result to my eyes.

If this is due to hydroquinone in ID-11, then D-76H presumably produces little change in contrast at 25C compared to 20C. Is this indeed the case? I've seen here John Hicks mentioned using D-76H at 24C and I think if D-76H allows me to process at 25C without boosted contrast then it is well worth mixing myself and forget about packaged ID-11... (since I rarely process 20 roll films at a time - even though I have more than 20 rolls sitting here to be developed...)

-- Ryuji Suzuki (, July 01, 2001


I've found no significant difference in curve shape or CI with many films processed in D-76H at 25C compared to 20C. However, it's been noted that TMY tends to have an upswept curve shape when developed at high temperatures; this probably happens with other films too but none I'm using. Those films include HP5+, Delta 100 and Delta 3200. I haven't generated enough info on TMX to address that aspect.

I prefer to not develop film at such high temperatures if I can avoid it because of the increased graininess; I prefer 24C and lower, down to 20C.

-- John Hicks (, July 01, 2001.

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