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I am in the process of finishing an Adirondack Guide Boat and plan on taking it on vacation. The problem: the Shaw and Tenney oars will not be ready, 3 week wait has turned into 5 weeks. The question: does anyone know of any other place that builds them or know of a way to adapt another type of oar to the guide boat oar locks?

-- Michael Walker (, July 01, 2001



Adirondack Rowing in Glens Falls, NY has guideboat oars for a very reasonable price. Last year they had them in stock. They are not true guidboat oars though, as the blades are shorter and wider, and curved in one direction. But they are made to be used with the guideboat oarlock hardware, non-feathering.

What guideboat did you build? Strip planked or traditional? What design?

Regards, Andrew Menkart

-- Andrew Menkart (, July 01, 2001.

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