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Hi everyone, Thanks to all that helped to answer my previous postings.Iwould just like to update on what has happened since my previous posting "Eversheds-court hearing maybe.....NOT." Since receiving their 7 DAY NOTICE of thier intention to issue their claim in the county court I have wrote back asking them to supply me with full details of claim i.e breakdown of mortgage account, of which they have supplied. An explaination as to why my ex-wife has not been contacted. Their answer to this being "all parties are persued on a seperate basis. Eversheds have also supplied a copy of the Mortgage Terms & Conditions (1987 issue). I had asked for a copy of valuation reports- of which they refuse to send because they are PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL. On reading through the Breakdown Of Account I find many points to Question 1) there is no address on it,only my name and ex-wife plus an account number.2) Where credits and debits are shown on the account they only show month/year not the actual date.3)I also notice there is a period of 18 months from time of repo to the first sign of any sale costs and 20 months before a VALUATION FEE is noted on the account. 4) Estate Agents fees(705.00) seem rather high compared to the selling price of the property(16.5K).Any advice would be most welcome. Regards, Gary

-- Gary Parton (garydparton@blueyonder.co.uk), July 01, 2001


Forget the Terms, what you want is a signed and dated copy of the original agreement.

As to your other points, write back and politely ask for clarification. Ask them why the agents fees seem to be 4.5% when the going rate is between 1.25 and 2% (in my opinion). Simply be polite and keep asking for what you are entitled to see - if they ever went to court they would have to produce them anyway so the longer they do not tells me they are not going to court - but I could be wrong.

-- Matt (mattyc@ntlworld.com), July 10, 2001.

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