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This is a little different request for information. One of my nieces is ready for her first training bicycle, and we have NO IDEA what to look for in a training bike. Are there any kids out there, in Kentlands or beyond, who could help us out? What kind of training bike do you have? What is the best thing about it? The worst? (Adults, please pass this request for information on to any children you think may want to post a response.) Thanks.

-- Mary N. Macdonald (, July 01, 2001


Mary - we've been through this twice. We found the best thing was a small bike with training wheels. You can get them at Toys-R-Us for under $75. They're small and short so when the kids fall, they don't fall far. Plus, in a few short months, you remove the training wheels and they have their first two-wheeler.

Don't forget the helmet!


-- Patrick Malone (, July 02, 2001.

My advice is to make sure that it's...

(A) The right size. To connfirm this, the person who will use the bicycle should sit on the seat. Their feet should just barely be able to reach the ground.

(B) Will work with AND without training wheels. This is important to know so you don't have to get a new bike when they are comfortible without training wheels. Also, make sure you can remove, put on, RAISE, and LOWER the training wheels EASILY. As they get more experienced, raise the training wheels BEFORE completely removing them.

(C) Has NO gears. If you are new to bicycling, don't use gears, at first they are just a distraction.

(D) You can EASILY raise and lower the seat.

Lastly, make it a habit to WEAR A HELMET AT ALL TIMES. I've crashed plenty, and it can be bloody with a helmet, but it can be deadly without one. I Think helmets should be required on scooters and skateboards, too. No matter how they look, they can save your life. Also, stay with them on their bikes until you are confident in their safety skills and they can bike well without training wheels. Also, if their bike has a front AND rear brake, ALWAYS use the rear brake FIRST. If you use the front brake first, your bike may flip over with you on it. Get the bike at Toys 'R' Us, then after they bike more and more, go to a pro bike shop and buy a gear bike and a nice seat. Also, when they are at least around 8 years old and as good a biker as any adult, the C&O Canal is a great place to spend a day or two bycycling.

-- Josh Paiva (, July 05, 2001.

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