History of "GEORGIA" , #300.

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After seeing my wife onto Amtrak for a trip to NYC at the crack of dawn this morning, I decided to hang around the Richmond station's trackside patio area and do a little train watching while I finished sipping my coffee. I was to be rewarded, because as the utilitarian silver Amtrak coaches slid off to the north, something lovely caught my eye. Tacked onto the rear was the private car"GEORGIA". What a beauty! Dark green in color with gold lettering as the Lord intended such cars to be, it resembled nothing less than a Rolls Royce following behind a line of VWs. Is this the former GARR office car that is now owned (I think) by John Heard of Jacksonville? If so, I believe it was rebuilt from a Pullman sleeper-lounge at the Montgomery shops in 1955. It is quite the showpiece.

-- Greg Hodges (ghodges@smpsfa.com), June 29, 2001


The Ga 300 was converted from the General Polk about 1953 The G.P. was a 10 sect. lounge plan 3521C. Depending on the date you saw the car, would determine the ownership at that time. Yes, Jack heard does now own the car, but, it has been repainted in blue with silver strips. Need any further info please let me know.

-- Ron Dettmer (roscaler@cs.com), July 02, 2001.

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