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For those of you on the Poultry Connection General Waterfowl Forum, I can't seem to be able to reply or ask questions on there without getting an internal error warning. Any ideas on why not? Some have asked me questions on there but I can't reply to them.

-- c.d. (, June 29, 2001


Response to can't get onto PCGWF!

I read and post on PCWGF quite often and never had that happen. Sometimes I get Page not available, which I think comes up when the internet is real busy. All I do to answer a post is to enter your name and E-mail address. check the box that remembers it. No ICQ # is needed. Type in a new subject line if you want to, and then type in a message. single click on post. should work. Good Luck, and I hope someone can help figure out what happened to your babies .

-- Runners 3 (, June 29, 2001.

Response to can't get onto PCGWF!

Understand c.d. this is the first time this has happened. I sent a message to Tim and have read other posts on there referring to the problem so I expect they'll have it fixed before long. What a pain! I am absolutey lame about this computer stuff, so I am no help at all. It did sound like(from the replies you were getting)that people are suspecting something environmental. I think so too. We don't feed corn to our ducks at all unless the temps are below zero. It is like candy. No nutritional value. Most of us feed a good basic duckling or poultry grower, like Purinas "Meatbuilder" and cut it with rolled oats and soft, white wheat. And lots of good, greens too. Clover, dandelions, spinach, romaine etc. A really good book, worth it's weight in gold is Dave Holderreads "Storeys Guide to Raising Ducks". It is a gem! I hope the server will be back on the ball soon. I tried to post and got no where so answered some stuff via e mail. You can email any of those people on the board, as you probably know, just click on their name when their posts comes up. :-)

-- Little Quacker (, June 29, 2001.

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