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I am new to Ducks. I have read they are easyer to care for than chickens, and I have ben lucky with chickens for years. Now I have a saxony drake with a cough. He eats good and acts normal. He gets clean water. I know nothing about livestock medicine. Help a duck with a cough.

-- Lawson Moore (, November 05, 1999 Answers The main thing is he eats and acts normal -- he'll probably be fine. If you're not moistening the dry feed, that could be causing it. mind you, i don't usually moisten the feed when I feed ours (3 blue swedes, 2 rouens, 2 cayugas,) but they're such snarfers they don't seem to care. It could be, that's just the way he is. When he gets listless and stops eating, then you have a problem. Do they have a pond or tub to really splash around in, or just drinking water?

-- snoozy (, May 08, 2000.


Ducks need water deep enough to dunk their whole heads in. They need to be able to wash out their eyes and beaks. I've never heard a duck cough?!?

-- Peg (NW WI) (, May 08, 2000.

-- ducky (, June 29, 2001

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