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Hi Again!!

I keep getting this error when trying to query a full text indexed table..any ideas!!??

Server: Msg 7619, Level 16, State 1, Line 2 Langauge database/cache file could not be found.



-- Anonymous, June 29, 2001



I have a couple of suggestions.

First, make sure that the SQL Server and the server hosting the Microsoft Search service have been set to use the same locale.

Do the following: At the SQL Server, Open Control Panel, Regional Options The dropdown shows the currently selected Locale, e.g. English.

Click the "Set Default" On the box where fulltext returned the mentioned error the System Locale may not have been the same as the SQL Server's locale, e.g. English. Select the same locale as the screen before.

Delete the Full Text catalog and recreate it all over again (I'm not sure if a new full population would do the trick). Now everything should work smoothly.

Second, you may be missing wordbreaker files. For English (British) their names are wbcache.eng, wbdbase.eng, and noise.eng. Other languages use different suffixes.

You can find these files on the SQL CD and you must copy them into the WINNT\system32 directory on you servers. After this is done you must reboot and rebuild the catalogs.

By the way, eng is for the Queen's English (British), and enu is for American English.

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, July 01, 2001

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