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I have some good MPEG-2 video files, which to too big to fit into a CD. I want to put them onto CD's as VCD's. Can anybody help how can i do this.

-- Ramesh (, June 28, 2001


I have some suggestions. 1) You could try to re-encode the video with TMPGenc to MPEG-1. I think it is possible to do this with TMPGenc, but I've never tried. 2) The commercial product MPG2VCR ( could re-encode your video to MPEG-1. It costs $249 :-( but it's a frame accurate MPEG-1/2 editor and it can re-encode video. 3) You could get the program ReMPEG and re-encode the video to a lower bit rate. ReMPEG can't convert to MPEG-1, but you could drop the bit rate enough to get more video on your CD-Rs if you have the ability to burn SVCDs (they need MPEG-2 video). I would expect all of these options to result in a loss of quality as MPEG-2 video is lossy (especially at less than DVD bit rates) and MPEG-1 is even worse. Your best bet would be to leave the video as MPEG-2 and just make more SVCDs than you would VCDs. What you want to do is possible, just understand that you will sacrifice video quality to convert to VCD.

-- Jason (, June 28, 2001.

Use FlaskMPEG. It will convert mpeg 2 to mpeg 1

-- sam (, June 29, 2001.


-- yassine (, July 01, 2001.

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