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Yesterday my photodealer (in Belgium) gave me a roll of Tura P100. It is a public secret that the Tura P150 was in fact a 'private label APX100'. According to my dealer Agfa is testing their new film under the tura label. I exposed and developed that film yesterday night in rodinal 1+100 for 20 minutes at 20C. I found the following values at 100 asa : Zone I : 0,06/Zone V : 0,65/ Zone VIII : 1,2 and at 80 asa Zone I had 0,09 (A little loss of speed in Rodinal 1+100 is normal). One thing is for sure, that film is no longer APX100 which needs more development and it has the same agfa grey colour before development. I did not have the time to make prints yet but the negatives look fantastic. I hope we don't have to feel bad that we can't get fuji acros in Europe with that new film. Has someone else experience with that film ? development sugestions ? Frederik

-- Frederik Boone (, June 28, 2001


Sounds interesting! Maybe Agfa wants to come out with a better 100 Asa film now after APX being discontinued. I hope the new Agfa film will have similar color sensitivity as the APX 100. For the moment I'm learning to develop APX 100 in Agfa 8, and I like the sharp results.

-- Patric (, June 28, 2001.

I printed these Tura P100 negatives and they look great but exactly like if they were made on Agfa APX100. In my first message I was convinced they were not identical, after printing these negatives I had serious doubs on that. I went back to my photodealer to get an other roll of Tura P100, exposed zones on it as well as I did on Agfa APX100 and developed them together in one tank (rodinal 1+60, 15 minutes at 20C). They must be identical since the densitovalues I measured are that close or even identical. Probabely a minor change which I could not notice but most likely nothing more than a new label. Zone Tura P100 Agfa APX100 I 0,06 0,10 II 0,16 0,19 III 0,29 0,37 IV 0,47 0,50 V 0,69 0,69 VI 0,88 0,84 VII 1,11 1,01 VIII 1,28 1,28 IX 1,57 1,51 X 1,65 1,68

-- Frederik Boone (, July 02, 2001.

Oh, that's both good and bad news. How is the grain? The same?

-- Patric (, July 02, 2001.

When looking at the negatives with a loupe, I could not see a grain size difference. APX100's grain was never a problem for me and I think it is one of the finer grain 100 asa films. After all, grain size is not that important to me but if I get grain, I want something in return, accutance or speed.

-- Frederik Boone (, July 04, 2001.

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