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Do you know of a book or journal article written by Karl Spencer Lashley and Graham Brown.

-- john crane (, June 28, 2001


I'm afraid the APA's PsychINFO lists no such publication.

-- Christopher Green (, July 01, 2001.


Frank Beach's biography on Lashley in the National Academy of Sciences' _Memoirs_ (v. 35) does not list a paper with Brown in the bibliography at the end. I recommend you contact Dr. Darryl Bruce , a member of the International Society for the History of the Neurosciences who wrote the chapter on Lashley in _Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology_ (Washington DC: APA, 1991, v.1).

It is also best if, when making a query (to a Usenet group, listserv, reference librarian, professor, etc.), you provide as much background information as possible--for example, where did you read/hear that Lashley and Brown wrote a paper or book together; do you know the approximate publication date; what is the topic of the paper/book; etc. That way, we can eliminate some resources and focus on others, to provide information quickly and completely.


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-- Russell Johnson (, December 06, 2001.

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