February 1902 Train Wreck

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I am looking for information on a train wreck that I believe occurred February 27, 1902 on the Southern while on the way to Zetella, GA.

-- Carl Pugh (cpugh@iw.com), June 26, 2001


I have a 8 by 10 cabinet card of 2 southern and 1 P&R (Reading)- 1 steel gondola, 2 wooden hopper cars, and 1 wooden box car- in a wreck labeled 1902- Near Whitesburg, TN.... could this be the one you are after? Andy

-- Andy Hemmings (hemmings@ufl.edu), December 10, 2003.

I would also be interested in anything anyone could come up with regarding this line, from Fayetteville to Williamson, even through Zebulon down. ....The roadbed is used as a road "Railroad Dr." and the depot still stands off hwy 16 and Rover-Zetella Rd. in Spalding county. ...Still pieces of old track laying around there also.

Also, did hwy 16 have an overpass for this line? It sure looks like it.


-- Elton (Roosevelt RR inc@aol.com), December 11, 2003.

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