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I have several databases (SQL Server 2000) residing on a cluster server (active/passive). Both nodes A and B have hard drives D (for Data) and drive G (for SQL Data). My backup plan for node A includes full and transaction log backups to a backup device with physical file location in drive D. Should I set up the same database backup for node B of the cluster?


-- Anonymous, June 26, 2001



I think this is a matter of risk versus cost. I don't know what business you are in, but I believe that since you have gone to the expense of a cluster, you should spend the extra money for a backup device for node B as well. On the other hand, you may be able to rig the backup device so that it is shared by the two nodes.

In any case, you should still do the backups even when operating on node B. I have heard of cases where people were operating for long periods on the secondary node without noticing it!

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, June 28, 2001

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