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What do you guys think of the new look KLMBH website? Do you like it better than the previous interface? Views, please.

-- Speedy (, June 26, 2001


You're not the only one with the comment that the page looks more clinical and less fun. I've done some new .gif files of the KLMBH logo which I hope to upload soon. Hopefully that will jazz up the fron page a bit without affecting its navigability or the time to load the page. I've also decided to move the photo of the week/month to the top of the page.

-- Speedy (, June 28, 2001.

Kinda miss the old web page especially the pictures and the spray painted KLMBH graphics. It all looks too professional and businesslike now, like the "Malaysian Civil Service Link" (

On the plus side, everything is concise and right there on one screen, negating the need to scroll up and down to find things.

Perhaps if we could have the grafitti back.....

-- Fuji (, June 27, 2001.

Yo speedy,

Nice layout, looks more compact. Your site still remains as my fav local biking site because of the content, not the layout! hehee. keep up the good work. see ya!

-- Vincent (, July 04, 2001.

The application form doesn't work. And how do i join the membership

-- Hung (, July 10, 2001.


The membership application form requires Adobe Acrobat, which you can download for free from the Adobe website. If that still doesn't work, you can e-mail me your fax number and I'll fax one to you.

As for joining the KL Mountain Bike Hash, have you checked out the FAQ page? www.bikehash.fre It's fairly self explanatory.

-- Joe (, July 11, 2001.

Guys, I like this new website. It has promptrd me to join KLMBH. So Sany, next time u're in Penang, let me know and I will pay whatever fees needed. The previous website was a bit boring though and looks only set for the members and less info. Now, its better and more MTBikers informative. Rgds.

-- Faz Harris (, February 28, 2002.

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