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Okay, let's assume you love what you do, which is why you're doing it. Yet, somewhere, sometimes, somehow you occasionally think GEE, if I wasn't doing THIS, maybe THAT would also be fun....

My question: what might THAT be??

I nearly became a mineralogist, for example. And THANK GOD I have friends who run animal shelters because that is one TEMPTING profession.... How's by everyone?

-- Sally (, June 24, 2001


At this point, any job that doesn't include me writing smarmy greeting cards or spending money rather than making money sounds wonderful. Meter maid, perhaps- I'd get to wear those jaunty little shorts and wield a dangerous notebook full potential citations.

-- Saundra (, July 05, 2001.

Mmmmmmmm. If I can't do what I'm doing, I'd like to be a scofflaw on Saundra's beat

-- Reginald Squirrel (, July 05, 2001.

When I was a little kid (up to a medium-sized kid, perhaps), I would pretend that I ran a hotel. I figured that would be a neat job; seeing people from other places and all. It would probably turn out like Faulty Towers, but maybe that's the best part.

Even waiting tables or serving coffee/beer/ice cream might be fun, if you could develop some sort of rapport. I'm just assuming it would be a more pleasant affair than what I have going with my current customers. Meter Maid Saundra would always get a free cup of whatever after a hard day of punishing petulant parkers.

I probably have the memory to be a doctor, and I've grown to think of it as a more respectable profession. Since my hands shake and the whole precious bodily fluids of others thing kind of puts me off, though, perhaps we're better off.

-- Jared (, July 09, 2001.

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