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Does anyone have a problem getting their swing arm stand on and off or is it just me.

-- Miguel Bartoli (bartoli@gate.net), June 24, 2001


I found the plastic bushing on the axle insert tends to catch on the wheel nut retaining clip. I removed the clip and filed down the part that sticks into the axle tube. Give this a try.

-- Tim Willard (Provamo35@aol.com), June 25, 2001.

YEs, it's a tight fit. A word of warning one mv club member (name removed to protect thge guilty) tried greasing the plastic on the stand. As he turned the rear wheel to do some maintenance the bike fell off the stand, costing a new brake lever etc. so take care

-- willy (ginnyoneuk@yahoo.co.uk), June 25, 2001.

I found that lubricating the plastic sleeve tended to make it swell and impossible to insert into the axle. My solution was to machine about 0.5mm off the outer sleeve. No more problem. A question on raising the front wheel...how to do it without jacking up the motor?

-- John (jonsam@ihug.co.nz), June 25, 2001.

Phil read sells a front paddock stand for about 50 quid

-- willy (ginnyoneuk@yahoo.co.uk), June 26, 2001.

A company called ABBA in the UK (www.abbastands.co.uk) make a universal bike stand which locates on the swingarm pivot mounts. This allows front & rear wheels to be lifted off the ground for cleaning, wheel removal etc. The stand costs around 100 Brit Pounds and different mounting bushes can be bought separately to adapt to different bikes.

-- Steve Burgess (steve_burgess@hp.com), June 27, 2001.

The best stand for the MV is an FG Moto stand. You put it under the steering head (lower triple tree) and you crank the bike up to a desireable height. if you want to work on something on the back end of the bike like removing the swingarm, FG moto also makes a stand that fits into the frame wholes and holds the bike up leaning slightly forward. This stand works great for replacing the aluminum swingarm with the magnesium one or the frame plates.

-- Fabio de Andrade (fabioan@ukans.edu), June 27, 2001.

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