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I had a very poor hatching rate with my chickens this year and I am pretty sure the fertility of the eggs had a lot to do with it. I have one Rhode Island rooster and 25 hens. Should I add another rooster to the group and if so how do I do it without starting a cock fight between the two? Thanks!

-- c.d. (, June 24, 2001


Divide the chicken yard, if at all possible. Give each rooster his own flock in his own yard. This will also help to determine which roosters "work" best, if you keep a good record of which eggs came from which flock. Cull the rooster who isn't performing up to par, if you're sure the rooster is at fault.

-- Cathy N. (, June 24, 2001.

Adding another rooster will not cause a problem, they will determine which will rule the roost in short time. The fertility of your eggs will improve with the competition. Good luck!!

-- cowgirlone (, June 24, 2001.

I have 2 roosters in my free-ranging flock. At first there was considerable competition and posturing but they seem to have worked it out. Also early on the lesser rooster didn't seem to breed as often as the dominant one but that's changing now. He has some hens that follow him while the rest follow the more dominant. The only problem is that the lesser rooster must see ME as competition because he's come at me a time or two and I have to "watch my back." He will drag a wing and I'm wise to the sound now. I've learned to hold up my arms to make myself appear larger after a few sessions with a stick appropriately placed on him and he's minding his manners now. My husband thought one "discussion" was supremely funny as the rooster ignores him totally.

-- marilyn (, June 24, 2001.

One rooster, even a young one, to twenty five hens is spreading him out mighty thin. If he's less than three years old then a second rooster would be called for and maybe even a third if he's got a bit of age on him.

Marilyn, your rooster doesn't see you as competition but as fair game. A lot of them are that way around women. He'll learn if you're consistent with him.


-- Live Oak (, June 25, 2001.

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