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I like Acufine for Tri-X at 1000 and PlusX at 250, but I am confused on its reusage and reusage with replenisher. Can someone tell me the average life both ways, roll and timewise, thanks John Oppenheimer

-- John Oppenheimer (, June 23, 2001


I'm using FX-4 which is pretty close to Acufine with replenisher. Replenishing rate is 15 ml/roll, similar to the loss of fluid per roll. My replenisher contains twice the amount of developing agents and the simple amount of Na2SO3 like FX-4. My set-up is stable for 2-3 months once the same amount of replenisher has been added I discard it and mix new FX-4 and FX-4R. Once in a while I filter the FX-4 to remove particles.

With 70 rolls per liter replenisher it is one of the cheapest developers available.

-- Wolfram Kollig (, June 25, 2001.


I'll second Wolfram's advice. I do use replenished Acufine (also for PlusXPro (120) at 250 ASA) and follow their recommendations of a half- ounce of replenisher (close to 15 ml) per 80 sq. in. film. Capacity is 64 rolls per quart (close to 70 per liter). I keep the solutions in the refrigerator, close to freezing, and they easily last a year in full bottles.

-- Pete Schermerhorn (, June 25, 2001.

Hello John, (Referring to your email)

first you pour the required amount of developer stock solution from the bottle into the tank. Shake it. For two 120 rolls measure a total of 30 ml replenisher and add this to the bottle (NOT the tank) Once finished with developing return from tank to bottle, you will loose roughly 15 ml solution per film so your level in the bottle should remain stable. ( 1000 ml bottle - 900 ml for tank + 30 ml replenisher + 870 ml returned from tank is 1000 ml ).



-- Wolfram Kollig (, June 25, 2001.

The amount of replensiher is independent of the amount of stock solution, it depends only on surface area of film developed. The instructions say 15 ml per 135-36 or 120 and 30 ml per 220 film.

-- Wolfram Kollig (, June 26, 2001.

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