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I have today received a very prompt response from Mrs.Betty Williams,Labour MP for Conwy, regarding my request for her to sign EDM62. I am pleased to tell you that she is one of the 53 MPs who have already signed,(18-12-00 in fact), and is looking out for the Adjournment Debate.

She is also writing to the C&G B.Soc re. full access to files;under-selling; evidence of shortfall 'debt' claims, and will be informing me of their response. I'll keep you posted.

To say I'm pleased is putting it mildly. Joy.

-- Joy Harker (joytelkomstar@bun.com), June 23, 2001


That is great news. Well done.

I'll be interested to see how C&G respond.


-- Lee (repossession@home-repo.org), June 23, 2001.

Terrific. I'm going to contact mine. Do we have a list anywhere of who has signed? Hazel Bloor is my MP.

BTW all, off the board for a couple of days - in London for BECK concert tomorrow night at Brixton. Have borrowed friends PC to check in.


-- (andy.turner@ramesys.com), June 24, 2001.

EDM 62 is now an 'archive' EDM, but can be retabled by Mike Hancock MP who tabled it in the first place, whereupon it gets a new number and lives again.

Let me know if you want the list of MPs who signed it. It's around here somewhere (she says, surveying heaps of stuff on desk...).

-- E Scott (eleanor.scott@btinternet.com), July 15, 2001.

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