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Hi everyone,

Just wondering what people in the US who are waiting for SPRs have been told by their dealers as far as production goes. I have been told that the US SPRs will be going into production end of July. I am 3rd on the list for one, so it looks doubtful I will get one this year. Should I just by an F4S for this year and get an SPR later?



-- ramana (, June 22, 2001


The 2001 F4S bikes make more power than the 2000 bikes (US MV site claims 8HP increase and more torque) narrowing the gap between the Strada and the SPR. The 2001 Strada bikes feature a revised head and lighter crankshaft.

Either way, you're going to have fun. -Det

-- Det Ansinn (, June 22, 2001.

i also ordered an spr here in switzerland last october already. i was fed up with waiting - thats why i board now (picked it up last friday) a strada with spr open exhaust system. the 2001 models have anyway a power increase up to 130hp, plus with the open exaust, you ending up at +- spr level!! with less money!!! i would say go for it - but if you really want power, then wait or trade in the f4 for a f5 2003 regards peter

-- Peter (, June 25, 2001.

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