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Does anybody have any advice for scanning AGFA Scala slides ?? I am using a Nikon LS-2000 scanner and at times parts of the scan are burnt out or look very jagged (like someone has cut out sections with pinking shears) and there are sections that look like they have been scanned in parts by different scanners with different settings. But then other slides scan perfectly. I need help, as my husband took all the photos of our baby's birth using Scala !!



-- Michelle Crafter (, June 22, 2001


I plan to buy a slide scanner. I found information about Agfa Scala and Nikon Super Coolscan. In the german magazine ColorFoto they tested several scanners. The problem seems to be the LED lighting systems, which is directed and not diffus. The scans are only brilliant with common slide films, where there is no silver grain (crystal?) left after the film has been developped. With Black and White film, the grain remains in the dark parts of the film. Scanners with a conventional lighting systems should be better for those films. They said, especially in photos with high contrast the problem occurs. cheers


-- Jürgen (, November 28, 2001.

I've got good results with Kodak Photo-CD. The contrast of the scans is very low and can be easily improved in Photoshop. To my opinion there are only problems when the slides are overexposed.

Best wishes to your baby. Dieter

-- Dieter Hoppe (, November 29, 2002.

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