When your hospital does an endoscope did they wipe it off first?

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I work for a crappy company that makes crappy products that are supposed to clean surgical instruments. The endoscopes that are stuck up you now where are also slid down your throat. Our company makes the machine that is used to sterilize these things. Unforunately they don't work haft the time. So before anyone tries to put a scope down your throat make sure that they at least wiped the crap off of it first.

-- Joe Bloe (jbloe@aol.com), June 21, 2001


Jesus, If I didn't know any better I'd swear your talking about Steris. If you are are you from MO or OH ?


-- William Sansord (Bill_sanford@steris.com), June 25, 2001.

I'm from the St Louis site in the state of Misery. I do not believe I'll be here long. I'll get fired along with a bunch of really good people, quit because I can't take it anymore or the idiots running this mad house will put us out of business.

Do you know where they moved the STRL talk spot? I enjoy keeping up with the latest! I understand that they have copied all of the deleted material to several different spots. For what it's worth you can use this email adde to prevent bounce backs.

-- Joe Bloe (4Q2buddy@ijustdontcare.com), July 11, 2001.

Hey Bill, They bounced the spot again. This place is as good as any to post a quick summary: Production sucks both spots The FDA is hot after Unit Dose and Germicide active ingredient problems. Frank Woods was caught robbing the Company. J. H___is is still running a business out of his office. P. C______o is still taking kick backs. Steris is trying to screw the Teamsters out of $2000,000. In the process they have pissed off the Teamsters and the Electrical workers. The computer skank was caught giving the race car driver a hummer in the parking lot. Several law suites are pending due to malfunctioning equipment. Asbestos shut down building at the Page site. A long list of good people are fleeing the company. The latest is Steve Baker. Thousands of dollars were spent getting set up to package in pouches before discovering that they can't be sold. The latest is a real hoot. M. D___n has been shoping his resume around and we got a copy with the cover letter. We are thinking about forwarding a copy to everyone at the company (LOL) :>) Forward a email adde to (4Q2buddy@ijustdontcare.com and I'll give you the location of the entire text.

-- Bill sansord ((4Q2buddy@ijustdontcare.com), July 11, 2001.

I just heard about this N.G. There is a lot of high level hand ringing in Ohio because of problems you are having in MO Duran is on the way out and so are a few others. Did you know the people who got fired last week? I understand that some of them have been with the company for a long time and the reason they were canned was because they made too much money. I also hear that there is some kind of major showdown with the unions next week. Whats the scoop?

-- yada yada yada (4Q2buddy@ijustdontcare.com), July 20, 2001.

Well I guess by now you know what the scoop is! Let's see if I can remember all of the smart moves they have made since July... They fired Terry M., fired Mike K. totally pissed off both unions now it looks like they will have an election which will result in the IBEW winning. They did sucessfully screw the teamsters out of their money. Unfortunately they pissed off everybody in both unions so bad that lost production and rejects have cost twice what Steris saved. The office and lab staff has practically stopped working for all intentz & porposes :.) most of them are spending their time job hunting instead of working and they are leaving in droves apparently there are still some decent employeers around. Just in case they might have overlooked some one to screw now the production supervisors are getting screwed out of their overtime pay. That should really improve production (LOL) Have you seen the latest list of people to be canned? If so please, please, please list them. I'm planning to leave but if I'm going to get canned I want to stick around for the unemployment.

Apparently I'm a little out of sync I missed the last jump to a new forum. Please let me know where you are posting via the lazeeboy adde.

Cyco Gal

-- Cyco Gal (pissdoff@stl.com), October 11, 2001.

We are emailing the url of this forum to several Steris employees. If you are new here this forum is fairly secure so you can post without worrying about our friends at Steris catching you. Your input is welcome! Just remember; you don't have to use your real name or email address, and if you are really worried you can always use a proxy to hide your ID. I shoud not have to remind you but don't post from work or at least don't log on at your computer or with your name to post. We bounce the locations from place to place in order to make it impossible for STERIS to shut us down. They have cried to a couple of hosts who removed our posts. Unfortunately for them we kept copies of the posts and put them out on the usenet. Now thousands of people have seen them. If you want to get in sync open a email account with some one who does not verify your home email account hotmail for example , post it here and we will keep you up to date (or in sync) with the latest forum address. We also use several email accounts that are constantly changing. You can send messages to them and even read other messages already sent in by others with the password we will send you. In addition we have acouple of web pages built that have links to proxies and have safe names that won't ring any company alarms so you can keep up to date while you are fucking off at work.

The latest email address is: joebloe666@hotmail.com you are welcome to send messages there but we will not be giving out the password on this one because we are using it to send insulting emails to various radical islamic groups. Our favorite was the one with a sky scraper stuck up Osama's ass. We don't plan to use it very long. The replies we get back from the clowns are pretty funny we may post them. For what it's worth the URL for the Hizbola is: www.hizbollah.org/english/frames/index_eg.htm

They really do answer their email. Be cool and hide your identity if you decide to play with these guys. God knows what they might do if they find out who you are.

-- Joe Bloe (jbloe@aol.com), October 12, 2001.

Hello, My name is Srinivas. I live in India, am 25 year old young guy, single. I'm Christian.

My Postal address:

Pilla Naga Srinivasa Rao, Jillellamudi Vari Lane, Eastern Street, Eluru-534001, Andhra Pradesh-India.

-- Pilla Srinivas ( Pilla Naga Srinivasa Rao ) (srinivaspilla009@netscape.net), July 04, 2002.

I feel for you guys, I live in Aus and it seems that they are a bit more hygeinic here than in the US. They didn't (from my viewing) wipe the endoscope but this was 12 months ago and nothing has happened since. I have another appointment in November

Good Luck

-- Mike Rutch (asherman25@hotmail.com), July 30, 2003.

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