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We hv some new trails and existing trails with no names such as the new 2km, 4km and the trail behind the watertank going down to the equestrian club. Is there anymore? U would hv to ride these sections and come up with good names for them. Any suggestion?

-- IceCube (, June 21, 2001


I suggest that the trail behind the pumphouse be called Rumpy-pumpy. There's the PUMPhouse, and the final climb (before the descent to the Kongsi) on the trail itself is quite pumpy. Finally, it's so much fun that it's evocative of, er, um, you, know, rumpy-pumpy.

-- Joe (, June 21, 2001.


-- AMIT KUMAR (, July 04, 2001.

I nominate the second big drop off at new 2km loop be called 'Pete's Clavicle' since he is the first known victim thus far who fracture his clavicle at this drop off.

-- Krankster (, July 08, 2001.

How about "boobs" for the two small bumps just before the end of the 2k loop!

-- RocketBoy (, July 08, 2001.

Joe took me for my first spin round the Bukit a few weeks ago. Helluvan initiation! Those trails are technical! Some I could ride, some I could almost ride and some I just had to get off and walk. May be there could be a colour code like in down hill skiing. Green for easy, blue - moderate, red - steep and technical and black for the likes of "Mondo Cool". What do you think?

-- Nick Smith (, July 08, 2001.

Good idea, Nick, but I doubt if there'll be any green trails!

-- Joe (, July 09, 2001.

For the two km loop I nominate "granny's kiss", because it's something that you've just got to live through, it's hairy in places, it's do-able when dry, but when it's wet it's unpleasant and makes you feel sick.

-- conrad (, July 23, 2001.

Conrad, despite the ostensibly innocent exterior, you are one warped individual... But Granny's Kiss get my vote!

-- Joe (, July 23, 2001.

Warped? Get this. For the four km loop I nominate "Four Play" because it's tricky and can be tedious, few people have time for it on a weekday ride, and for so much effort it doesn't really get you anywhere unless you've still got the energy for the twin peaks.

-- conrad (, July 25, 2001.

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