Has the F4 been raced?

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I've been searching the internet since the F4 came out to see if it has been raced by private sponsors at all. Will it hold up against the GSXR. It certainly looks like the right F4 in the right hands could regularly beat the Japanese. Is MV going to wait for the F5, or are they ever going to enter racing. What are the plans for a 1000cc Agusta?

-- David Walvoord (walvoords@earthlink.net), June 20, 2001


I haven't seen any F4 at all on the track except mine, even though it is still not broken in yet. I doubt even in capable hands the F4 can beat the Gixxer. Racing modification is almost non-existence and most of the aftermarket parts are for posers anyways. I would love to race mine but the thought of waiting for spares is not funny.

-- Takie Chan (tchan748@yahoo.com), June 21, 2001.

Yes of course ! The F4 has been raced in the last Le Mans 24 Hours with Team Maxim Endurance from Netherlands but with tecnical support from the factory they finished 23th overall and 1st in prototypes class. That proves the reliability of the F4 (the only Duc who race has broken like always) Last week-end was 2 bikes racing in the Italian championship but I don't know about the results. And finally it seems that a blue one is racing in British Endurance Championship.

All the racers speak about too many weight but a good possibilities with standard bike.

Yes the factory will return, but with a prototype in GP-1.

Bests regards


-- Laurent GABERELL (laurent.gaberell@urbanet.ch), June 21, 2001.

also raced in endurance at Brands 6hr, came 10th overall, not bad against gsxr1100's, not that it beat any mind. Did not know they had any factory support! I heard it was stock bike, senna pipes and engine tweaked by their team. still it says much for the basic design that it can go into endurance and survive. Italian bikes much improved eh what

-- willy (ginnyoneuk@yahoo.co.uk), June 21, 2001.

I'm the one racing it in Le Mans, Brno, Brands, Nurburgring, Spa, Oscherschleben and Bol d'Or. Yes, it can be made competitive, and no, it is not a full factory bike. We love racing it, but are still in need for funds to complete 2002. We want to take it to the top 3 in endurance, but then need the extra money input for tires, suspension etc... Any idea's are welcome.

By the way: we're a Belgian team..


-- steven casaer (steven.casaer@yucom.be), November 19, 2001.

Rumour has it that they (the Belgian Maxim team) actually done some testing for the new MV F5 (1000cc??) that is to appear in the near future...new cyl.heads and ignition and so on .... Maybe Steven he's the team boss and racer of the endurance MV F4(replayant here above) can give an answer to your Question regarding the F5.


-- Fred Jorisson (fredj@freegates.be), May 27, 2002.

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