June Mystery Photo #2

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Hmmmm.....here's a good one. If I reveal the photographer, you'll be able to guess it too quickly with a little net-tective work. So...for now he shall remain anonymous. (Until someone or nobody guesses).

As I said, we will take the "Mystery Photo" section to a new page coming in July!

Buck Dean

-- Buck Dean (bdean@jngray.com), June 20, 2001


Bill Thompson wins. In this George Elwood photo taken in the Birmingham, Alabama locomotive facilities in 1967, we see an E7 (obviously well road-worn), a steam boilered Geep and what appears to be an SDP35 all standing watch next to a Tennessee Central TOFC trailer.

Can anyone tell us more about the end of Seaboard's Birmingham passenger service? (Which is obviously just right around the corner by looking at this photo).

Buck Dean

-- Buck Dean (bdean@jngray.com), June 25, 2001.

It's Birmingham, Alabama.

-- Bill Thompson (wthompson8@carolina.rr.com), June 24, 2001.

Portsmouth, VA.

-- Greg Hodges (ghodges@smpsfa.com), June 22, 2001.

Are you all looking at the same photo I posted? From the answers I'm getting, both on the Q&A and direct email, you must not be.

THINK....Study the photo carefully. Where on the SAL system would you catch a picture that looks like it's the end of the world??



-- Buck Dean (bdean@jngray.com), June 21, 2001.

It looks like a roundhouse pit has been filled with gravel. I'll guess Wildwood, Fl.

-- Carey Stevens (ca.stevens@worldnet.att.net), June 21, 2001.

I'd rather see the Tennessee Central trailer....

-- Russell Underwood (Jay611@home.com), June 20, 2001.

Okay, I give up. Where is the mystery photo located? JG

-- Johnny Golden (Golden1014@yahoo.com), June 20, 2001.

Buck,this one is tough.Looks like ALL SAL places,but I will guess Raleigh.Keep this up I like it.

-- J.Oates (jlosal@mindspring.com), June 20, 2001.

UPDATE...you can click on the photo to enlarge it now. Put your "Opti-visors" away.


-- Buck Dean (bdean@jngray.com), June 20, 2001.

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