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Does any one know of a Dutch Artist named Cor Bouten (If I spelled his name right, Possibly of th early 1800's, and painting of a Dutch women sitting by a window with a large firplace behind her. She is holding a ayou toddler while her youg Daughters are looking on. One daughter is sitting and winding yarn and the oter is standing toward her mother looking at the baby in her arms. This painting is done in the typical dark room with little light comong in. Any help will be greatly appreciated Betty Miller ITTLEBIDY@PRODIGY.NET

-- Betty Miller (ITLLEBIDY@PROODIGY.NET), June 20, 2001



-- Betty Miller (ITLLEBIDY@PRODIGY.NET), June 20, 2001.

Armand Bouten (1893-1965) and EJ Bouten-Klinkhamer (Dutch, early 20th Century) are the only 'Bouten'(s) I have heard of.

-- olgranny (olgranny20001@yahoo.com), June 27, 2001.

For olgranny20001@yahoo.com

Thank you for the reply and the two artist names. I now have somewhere to start my research. Betty

-- Betty Miller (ITLLEBIDY@PROODIGY.NET), June 27, 2001.


I also have 2 paintings by Cor Bouten and have been trying feverously to find some information on him and the paintings that I have. Any information you have would be appreciated.


-- Valerie Roberts (vroberts@cuco.on.ca), September 19, 2001.

Cornelis Wouter Bouter (Dutch artist) did a painting called "Mother and Children" same as you described. You can see it online at the Odon Wagner Gallery - I believe the bottom right hand corner of your painting is Cor Bouter. Best wishes and Happy New Year. Lynn

-- Lynn Adams (Lynneloop@aol.com), January 03, 2004.


Cor Wouter Bouter was a Dutch painter born 01.10.1888 in Gouda, The Netherlands, passed away 09-01-1966 in The Hague.

He also worked under the AKA's C. Hendriks, C. Willems and C. Verschuur. He is a rather well known painter of interiors and exterior views with horses and cattle. Did work in the style of Blommers and Israels. City-scapes in the style of Klinkenberg. He did a lot of work for US and Canadian patrons.

You find his work regularly at auctioneers in The Netherlands (www.hessink.nl or www. glerum.nl)

-- Minne W. Kikstra (mkikstra@tiscali.nl), May 11, 2004.

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