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Im sure we have all had a problem with it at sometime! im not talken about security for a lift though...its the security guards in the bulding in which i do the service of lifts that are the problem. These guys sit down all day with nothing to do but pick on contractors such as myself and watch video cameras all day. These guys are a punch of "hero's" who think they are your boss when infact they are sure there not all bad (well i no there all not) but there is just a few bad apples in the bunch which give the whole industry of guards a crap name. As u can tell i have had a bad day with security ad since no one else is haven any thing put on this discussion board about problems with lifts i thought i would put this in which is sought of along the same lines...if u no what i mean....any way..enough of my bitchen...Please security leave me alone...YOU ARE NOT MY BOSS!! Phil

Like sum feed back please! Phil

-- phil (, June 20, 2001


Right on, Phil! You show up after the building mgr wakes you up in the middle of the night... Yelling at you to get your a.. down here and fix that blinking elevator. You've fought traffic lights and angry old ladies at the crosswalks all the way. You've got 50 lbs of tools to cary and several boxes of maybe parts in the trunk. And the security guard rudely explains that you can't park in one of the conveinent empty spots close to the door 'cuz you don't have the right permit sticker!!

Ain't life fun? DonV

-- Don Vollrath (, June 20, 2001.


I think there all a bunch of f@#ken Arseholes.....pardon my french

-- mighty1 (, June 23, 2001.


but i m sorry f@#ken Arseholes is not a french word ... i pardon your french anyway ... but f@#ken Arsholes is the DOL door opent limit in the RCS system ... bye

-- charly (, July 06, 2001.

stuff the security guards......go to the building manager, or even better the owners and ONLY deal with them...make it quite plain that the guards are giving u hell...they will soon change their minds when the person stuck in the lift has to wait an extra few mins because the guards wouldnt let you park in a spot..or make you wait to get the security pass...and make sure the person in the lift/the person who made the original complaint that the lift was stopped, is informed of the hassles....Im sure the building manager/owner will listen to them.

-- dayle (, March 09, 2004.

waht are u talking about

-- phil taylor (, December 17, 2004.

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