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I am in need of a motor for a wringer washer,my maytag electric motor died and maytag want 285$ for a new one!!! Anyone have any used ones?

-- renee oneill{md.} (oneillsr@home.com), June 19, 2001


Response to Wringer washer motor

You dont need a Maytag brand motor. You need a generic 1/4 to 1/3 horsepower 1800RPM motor. Any farm store will have a new one for around $70, maybe cheaper. If you scrounge a bit, you can find a used one for few bucks or free. It does have to be 1800 rpm but anything from 1/4 to 1/2 HP should work fine. I used a 1/6 horse and a smaller drive pulley on my Maytag simply because thats what I had laying around when I needed it. I went to smaller pulley since I had went to smaller horsepower than 1/4hp original. Also this pulley was already on the motor. ;-)) Washer dolly and wringer turn little slower but work ok and no overheating. Can even use motor off old automatic washer or dryer if you can come up with a mounting base for it and you will have to experiment finding which hot wire gives around 1800 rpm in right direction. This as many automatic washers have multispeed motors. Maybe one of best places to look for salvage motor is on old furnace blower. Also if you live in a farming area, there are usually several old motors sold at farm auctions for buck or two a piece. Its a crap shoot unless you can plug them in. If shaft turns freely and easily and no burned smell, then probably a good gamble.

If you dont know, horsepower and rpm is shown on a little metal plate rivetted or spotwelded to the motor housing.

-- Hermit John (Hermit@hilltop_homestead.zzn.com), June 20, 2001.

Response to Wringer washer motor

I said 1800rpm, but standard speed you will see is 1740 rpm which is what I should have said. If you see one around that speed, you will do fine.

-- Hermit John (hermit@hilltop_homestead.zzn.com), June 20, 2001.


Thank the motor into a place which repairs them for an estimate. Having to have it rewound is expensive, but its problem may be fairly minor.

-- Ken S. in WC TN (scharabo@aol.com), June 20, 2001.

Electric motors come in standardized sizes, in referance to the bolt pattern, shaft size, shaft length, rpm, rotation direction, ect. For ease of installation these need to match both motors, Find this info on the metal plate attached to the old motor, it will be labeled "frame" and usually two numbers and a letter; such as "46c" or "56k". If you can't find one locally there is mail order such as Northern Hydraulics or W. W. Grainger. Or call the nearest metal salvage yard and ask for the name or number of a junkman who handles appliances in your area. He can become your new best friend, junkmen have a way of comming up with all kinds of useable goodies, maybe you can trade something useless to you but gold to him. Be aware that he makes his living on this type of deals; don't pay more that $20.00 which is 20 times more that he would get for it in the junk yard.

-- mitch hearn (moopups1@aol.com), June 20, 2001.

Here is a website of someone that sells Maytag wringer washer parts: http://oppcatv.com/public/marvin/ads.htm

There is also a Matag Wringer Washer site: http://oppcatv.com/public/marvin/ads.htm

-- Karen (db0421@yahoo.com), June 20, 2001.

It is interesting the different answers posted based on the posters' different perspectives of how to deal with a problem. I might add in using the 1/6HP motor, I did have to modify the mounting base of the motor since original on my 1935 maytag motor had an odd base. I welded on couple extension pieces of steel to replacement motor base since I didnt want to drill new holes into the vintage washing machine frame. If you have simular oddball motor and dont weld, you can drill new holes in washing machine frame or look for an exact replacement which might not be easy. I believe motors on later post WWII Maytags (white or pink colored ones) have a standard base and universal 1740 rpm motor of horsepower range I mentioned earlier should mount with no adapting.

-- Hermit John (hermit@hilltop_homestead.zzn.com), June 20, 2001.

I have several dozen good, used electric motors for sale for $8.00 each. I also have many good, used and new Maytag parts for wringer washers. I make my living by restoring Maytag wringer washers. Thanks - Bill

-- William Crowley (WHCrowley@aol.com), May 28, 2002.

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