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I think I am the owner of an interesting 16mm film, made during the actual filming of Zulu in 1963-64. It seems to be original material. It is in black and white, lasting 30 minutes.

This `making of zulu` shows i.e. the arrival of the main actors at the airport, the making of costumes and uniforms, rehearsing fighting scenes. Also Stanley Baker explaining to high ranked military officers what the film is about.

Does anybody know who the filmmaker was? It all seems quite professionally made.

-- Jay (, June 19, 2001


i was lucky enough to spot your'e query concerning your'e 16mm film the making of 'Zulu' Unfortunately,i cannot answer your'e question,however 'Zulu'is my favourite film,i must have seen it over 80 times since i was a kid. Hope you dont mind me asking bui i wondered if you have had your'e 16mm film transferred onto video and if so, would you consider making me a copy.I would really love to see the footage you have. In all sincerity, Peter Hodgson.

-- (, December 11, 2001.

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-- jay (, December 15, 2001.

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