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Hiya People. MAy I say thanks for earlier Replies to my question which is indeed linked to this one. I have arrears on my Mortgage. I am trying to clear these but the additional Charges made by the lender means that its nigh on impossible with this level of additional payment. Dual tier Interest levels are not considered legal or Fair Contract or whatever but what about management Fees levied when and account is in arrears. This has the same effect but does anyone have any experience of how the courts would view this??



-- Dave McLaughlin (, June 19, 2001


Dimly, I would say. This is back-door interest and may or may not be upheld in Court. However, if it's written into the smallprint then they can levy the's then a question of proving that they are unreasonable and punitive.

-- Too scared to say (, June 19, 2001.

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