Piano Technique for small hands (books)

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Is there any books that were ever published about piano technique for small hands? I have heard of so many good pianists that have small hands and I am wondering if they can play any repertoire they want or are they limited to a certain type of repertoire more suited for people with small hands. Is there some basic common techniques for people with small hands or is it something that everybody have to develop on their own.

Thanks Aline.

-- Aline Bolduc (abolduc@sympatico.ca), June 18, 2001


The repertoire you play is limited to your hand size. Try the "Esential Keyboard Repertoire: 85 Early/Late Intermediate Selections Requiring a Hand Span of an Octave or Less, Baroque to Modern" Vol. 5 (Alfred, ed. Hinson) & "Essential Keyboard Repertoire: 75 Early/Late Intermediate Selections to Develop Technique & Musicianship, Baroque to Modern" Vol. 6 (Alfred, ed. Hinson). If you can comfortably reach an octave, try the good old Hanon Complete book (60 exercises). Hope this helps.

-- Music Educator (noname_poster@yahoo.com), June 19, 2001.

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