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Does any one have or know wher one can locate photos of ACL USRA 0-8-0's Particularly interested in the 1200 series. Thanks Ron Dettmer

-- Ron Dettmer (, June 18, 2001


Response to 0-8-0

ACL E-14 Class 0-8-0s were USRA copies. There were subtle differences between the original USRA engines and the ACL 1200s. The ACL engines used Walscheart valve gear instead of the Baker valve gear delivered on the original USRA engines. The tenders delivered with the 1200s were similar to those delivered with the ACL's E-9 USRA 0-6-0s and E- 13 USRA copy 0-6-0s. Based on photo's it appears that the higher capacity tenders of the E-9, E-13, and E-14 switchers were swapped with the lower capacity tenders from the P-3 class 4-6-2s. A spotting feature of of the P-3 tenders is the row of rivets on the tender side that angel downward from the rear of the coal pocket toward the front of the tender. In later years, the top of the tender sides were angled inward to increase rearward visibility. Prince's book has photographs of all these locomotives in their variations. Hope this helps.

-- Buddy Hill (, June 19, 2001.

Response to 0-8-0

Hi Ron, Try the ACL Prince book pg 178-179

-- Bill Middlemas (, June 18, 2001.

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