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Do professional pianists go do a university degree in music, or do they simply graduate from a college of music e.g. Julliard? Or do they simply start playing in concerts or what? Thanks - it doesn't seem like all of them go and do BA Music, so I was wondering how they start.

-- Vipercat (, June 16, 2001


I assume you're referring to classical pianists. I'm sure that many launch their careers after winning international competitions. I don't know how many of them graduate from schools like Julliard, but I imagine that many of them do. At the very least, they pay top dollar to learn from the best teachers, starting at an early age (i.e., they don't take lessons from the lady next door).

-- Music Educator (, June 20, 2001.

Here are a few examples of some individuals and how they got their start

Jon Kimura Parker
Nina Kavtaradze
Hope this helps Bryon
Music Site

-- Bryon Tosoff (, July 30, 2001.

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