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So do you guys agree with me, or have I left something out? Do you think I have something against Pepsi? And what the hell is the point of Caffeine Free Diet Mountain Dew?

-- Jeremy (, June 15, 2001


Maybe I'll send you a six-pack. :)

-- Jeremy (, June 16, 2001.


Okay, I haven't exactly tried it, but it sounds disgusting.

-- Katie (, June 15, 2001.

A couple things. First, up here in Canada, Mountain Dew is completely caffeine-free. Even the regular kind. And it still tastes incredible. So you can imagine my pleasant surprise at getting completely wired on the shit in New Jersey. ^^; Second, I have no respect for the cola tastes of anyone who likes Diet Coke over Diet Pepsi. Normal Coke over normal Pepsi I can see, but Diet Coke?! Diet Coke has no flavor and no hint of sweetness, much like Diet Sprite. Diet Pepsi I find tastes more like a hollow version of Pepsi, but it's still sweet. Third, why am I the only cola revolutionary in the world? Crystal Pepsi was good, Orbitz was incredible, and I still have fond memories of New Coke at the age of 3... oh well. I need to try me some of that Mountain Dew: Code Red when it comes out up here...

-- J'sang'spar (, June 16, 2001.

>From: Damien Youth >Reply-To: >To: >Subject: Re: [psychedelica] DMT and Owsley >Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 15:48:31 -0600 > >Considering there must have been a time when human's had to take the >laboratory >approach to finding out what is & isn't fit for human consumption, I >suspect such >natural hallucinogen's must have been ingested & could well have been the >recipe >of the conception of god's. The question becomes, "Am I seeing things that >are >not there because I am on a drug? or am I seeing things that have always >been >there thanks to this drug?" > >I am fascinated by breaking out of the hypnotic trance of consciousness & >experiencing the higher levels of consciousness & awareness. And we know we >have >various levels of awareness. Have you ever closed your eye right before the >bug >ran into your lid? You didn't think "Hey here comes a bug, I think it's >coming >towards my eye, I'll close my eye to keep that from happening" You just >closed >your eye & then realized, only after, why you closed your eye. I strongly >believe >there is some part of the mind that is so mathematically precise that it >can >deduce the out come of a situation before it takes place, the future! If it >realizes it strongly enough, in a way, it has already been there. I believe >this >could be one of the explanations for dejavu. If I stack ten dominoes next >to each >other, then you watch as I tap the first domino, you watch as it falls into >the >second domino, I believe, even if you turn away, your minds eye saw the >last >domino fall. But that is our minds deduction abilities at it's most >simplistic. I >believe there are more complex areas of the mind that can deduce an >"effect" >before the conscious mind is even aware of the "cause". Like the bug & the >eye >lid thing. > >I feel like I have consciously been through the crawl space that leads to >the >other levels of consciousness & I have seen the peripheral residents & >yes, in >my adult life I have done this by ingesting certain elements of this earth >;-) > >Though I must say, Mushrooms only made me laugh my ass off & then I had an >allergic reaction & had to go to the emergency room to have my stomach >pumped!!! >The emergency ward is the worst place to have a trip! I remember seeing a >burn >victim being rushed by on a big bed & people running up to surround him. I >would >have sworn that they had just cooked him, the bed was really a trey, the >medical >staff were really a kitchen staff & they were preparing the man for dinner! >The >worst part was my stomach started to growl!!!! So I don't do mushrooms >anymore >:-) > > > > Personal choice is personal choice, but I've got to wonder why anyone >would > > take such a risk with themselves. > >I'm quite sure natural hallucinogenic plants must have been consumed before >one >of us gathered up the courage to be the first person to eat an egg. >(Choice: >Cute little green plant on the side of the hill top? or Hard white object >with >slimy insides that fell from a chickens ass.) I think people take greater >risk >experimenting with new fad diet pills or even joining in with indulging in >things >that have proven themselves to be dangerous. > > > I don't see much difference between this > > experience and that of walking into my kitchen, randomly pulling out a >bottle > > of cleaner or disinfectant, taking a slug and waiting to see what >happens ... > >And with thoughts like that, you should definitely not do hallucinogen's! > > > > > will I get a buzz, find myself kissing the porcelean goddess, or >something > > far worse ... > > > >If you drink too much cheap hooch you will :-) > > > > > Not to second guess anyone (and spiritual growth is a wonderful >concept), but > > this sure seems like a dumb way to try to attain such growth. Go for a > > strenuous outdoor hike, climb a local hill and enjoy the view, put your >young > > kids to bed at night - all provide an enjoyable experience that has to >be as > > good as DMT ... > > > >I really respect what you are saying here.... But! if there is no danger in >DMT >why exclude it from the other enjoyable experiences? > >Side note: One of the most radical mind states I have ever been in was >brought on >by sleep deprivation. I was driving back from a gig in florida one night, >totally >sober! I felt like I wasn't going to be able to stay awake, my guitar >player was >already sleeping in the passenger seat. I decided I should pull off at the >next >convenient store I come upon. I spotted one & started to pull off, my >guitar >player jumped up & started yelling & grabbing the wheel! THERE WAS NO >CONVENIENT >STORE!!!!!!!! It was a cow field! Later I thought, what if my guitar player >had >woken up a few minutes later, would he have awoken to me standing in a cow >field >trying to purchase a candy bar? & god forbid what I may have been carrying >up to >the counter in place of an actual candy bar! And god forbid even further if >I had >successfully checked out & began eating the supposed candy bar as I climbed >back >into the truck!..... OKAY! I'll stop! > >luv, >dy > > >------------------------ Yahoo! Groups Sponsor ---------------------~--> >StartMeUp jump starts your car's battery >using only the cigarette lighter. >$24.95 at > >--------------------------------------------------------------------- ~-> > > > >Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to > >


-- debora (, November 19, 2001.

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