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Any responses to Jon's article? Do the girls really prefer the assholes? Do nice guys always finish last? If so, is it our breath? 'Cause we can get some Certs or something, if that's all it is...

-- Jeremy (, June 15, 2001


Jeremy, Pick up your skirt, grab you balls, and act like a real man. Its all related to primal instinct. Women want a man who can take care of them, and intictually its not the guy who backs away from fights and crys during movies. I once said to a girl, "hey baby, did it hurt?" she said "Did what hurt?" and i said that fall from Heaven." Damn it worked too! That is one of the oldest, most worn-out lines in the book. So put jeans on, take off the glasses, when you listen to what they have to say- dont respond, and drink alot. That my recomendation, and if it don't work what the hell did you lose? some wining bitch that calls you to discuss her problems?

-- Archy Shiller (, December 29, 2001.

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