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I have been looking for building plans for a row troller. The designs that would make a good rower don't seem to be the best for the time when you are fighting and landing the fish. Has anyone seen a good book or site that speciallizes in that area. Thanks JT

-- James Truog (, June 14, 2001


Last week I took myself (230 lbs) and a friend (190 lbs) trolling in my Gloucester Gull. We had several fish (striped bass) around the 28 inch limit and took one home that was 36 inches and close to 20 lbs. You can fish out of almost anything, find a good rowboat and make it work!

-- Adam Pettengill (, July 06, 2001.

i fish out of home built version of a gardner modified Herreshoff Rowboat (likely very similar to a larger rossiter loudon). it's a bit narrower at the waterline and therefore tender compared to a canoe but i have stood and cast a fly from it in calm conditions - it's also handled some very rough water on a very large lake. And i've never raced it (yet) but i think it's capable of a fair turn of speed. one day i hope to go bucktailing for salmon from it as i'm within 4 hours of the WestCoast. not sure what sort of rowing/trolling features you're after ?? if you intend to use a downrigger it would likely require some inginuity to set up while maintain a good trim. But like the previous response i make what i've got work for me.

but as the previous

-- mike reiner (, July 23, 2001.

one other thing i didn't mention about the about the seat layout - which is tied to the fact that the boats's a double ender ie it works well in either direction.

it's pretty much the standard 3 seat config of most boats - but i added a fourth seat halfway between the "stern" and the middle seat. the spacing between it @ the oarloacks is identical as for the middle seat that way if there's 2 of us fishing - i use the 4th seat and my passenger sits in what was the bow which then becomes the stern.

that way we're always in trim with only one rowing station and everything is already set for the width of the boat.

-- mike reiner (, July 27, 2001.

You single hull rowers hold your boos, but I ocean troll and drift fish in the Santa Monica Bay (California) off of my 18' "RowCat" (no longer in production), which is a two hull fiberglass sliding outrigger rowing catamaran with 2 rowing stations on the platform between the two sealed hulls. I added a wood plank deck, rocket launchers and a large plastic tub between rowers as a gear or fish box that double serves as a dinner table. I carry an anchor, sea drogue, handheld VHF,...even porta potty. I catch sea bass, halibut and small sharks. What I need to add this year is a bimini top and barbecue... I bet someday one of those bored looking yacht-bound bikini clad women who seem to stare at me while I'm rowing will jump ship to my RowCat (or maybe not,... as my wife is usually my navigator).


-- Keith Dager (, February 26, 2003.

Or go with a classic row/fish boat, a dory. Been used for fishing for 100yrs. Lots of variations depending on the water conditions. -Gary-

-- Gary Powell (, March 03, 2003.

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