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Just after saw Game Guru's INP of My Hero(version Myheroj),I'm wondering:is it right to make what he did,aka to do a HUGE leeching ONLY at the start of level 1,making points and points without any ability????For me no...

-- Kale (, June 14, 2001



It's quite tricky to get the leech timed correctly...

I think this should banned and a leech only on 1 life should b set..

You only get one extra life in the whole game so there's no advantage there!!!!!!!

Most of the recordings I have seen do a leech on level 2 where the points rack up even quicker........

Before averyone starts slagging me off watch the other recordings and watch them leech at the start of level 2...

I just scored over 1 million on the US version which I will not upload until a decision has been made!!!!

There is another option, set the game to one life only!!! (That would b fun!)

Anyway time will tell........ :)


Darren a.k.a Game Guru

-- Game Guru (, June 14, 2001.

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