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Never seen this one i think. Saw Soundtrack. Whats it like, Why no Videos???????

-- Keith Hughes (, June 13, 2001



The Black Windmill (1974) stars Michael Caine and Donald Pleasance in a thriller about an MI6 agent (Caine) whose son is kidnapped and ransomed for a haul of diamonds. Soon he realises that he can't trust anyone around him - even his friends and colleagues - and he sets out on his own to get his son back. Donald Pleasance plays his boss.

It's a fairly standard - but well-acted - thriller which has, unfortunately, never been released on video in the UK, according to the British Board of Film Classificiation.

Keep an eye out for it on Sky Cinema (or occasionally very late Saturday nights on ITV).

-- Marjorie Johns (, June 14, 2001.

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