HC-110 dilutions other than B

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Is anyone using HC-110 in dilutions other than B (1-31)? I'm interested in more dilute solutions to extend developing time. Edge effects? Compensating? I shoot primarily PX & TX 135. EI, times, temps? Thanks. -John

-- John Fleetwood (johnfleetwood@hotmail.com), June 13, 2001


I use dilution A, 1:3. The recommended dev time is 3:45, but usually I extend that to 4 or 5 mins. Contrast is excellant. The films i use are TMax 400, Tri-X 400, and Plus X 125.

-- Erin C. (ericon_22@hotmail.com), June 13, 2001.

For years I used HC100 for years at dilutions of 1:50 & 1:62 from concentrate with TMax 400. I didn't find any problems as a result. It just allowed longer development times with TMY which I reasoned helped me in controlling highlight densities - I felt that it gave me a little bit of leeway for any subtle temperature differences, etc. The only reason that I stopped was because I began to be dissatisfied with the look of TMY - the tonalities didn't always please me. Also Xtol came along and I headed down that road for a while. I often got wonderful results with TMY but they seem to be inconsistent as of late and I have been floundering around looking for something better. I'm not sure I've found it yet.

-- Bill Lester (wlester@lesterconstruction.com), June 13, 2001.

I've been using 1:100 dilution with both Delta 100 and 400. The tonal range is wonderful with great shadow detail and highlight. The grain with the 400 is probable higher than with other developers, but the tonal range goes a long way in compensating for the amount of grain. Landscapes and waters shadows are nice and smooth.

-- Buddy McPeak (jetstream@net-serv.com), June 25, 2001.

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