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Paragon are listed as members of CML and should be subject to thier code of practice or am I mistaken?If they are does not the six year rule come into play?

-- Steve (, June 13, 2001


In theory the answer is yes.

However, all of the lenders and insurance companies seem to please themselves especially when they suddenly say theu have been in 'contact' with you for many years and therefore this falls before the 11/2/2000 deadline.

The word 'contact' is very important. I fyou look at the CML website,, the agreement clearly states as long as contact was not made before this date they will not chase you. However they will say that contact was made and produce letters sent to old addresses or addresses where you never lived and use the arguement that you must have received them and therefore they have contacted you.

As I maintain, proof of posting is not proof of receipt. They must be able to prove that contact was made. This they are unlikely to be able to do. If they say that letters were sent, get copies and if they were to an address where you did not live ask what happened when the letters were returned and when it became obvious they had not been received by you.

Hope that helps and hasn't confused you!!!! I think I get a bit excited when I start typing!!??

-- Matt (, June 13, 2001.

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