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Does anyone know if the Busoni transcription of J S Bach's (Little) Prelude and Fugue for organ in E minor BWV 533 is available as a stand alone item. It isn't included in the Dover edition ** of Busoni's Bach transcriptions but it is available in the 4th part of Busoni's Breitkopf edition of Book 1 of The Well Tempered Clavier. I already have the RAM/RCM Tovey Samuel edition of the above so presently I see no point duplicating just for the sake of one work. Pietro Spada plays it on his rereleased for CD (ARTS 47199-2 , ARTS 47268-2) set of these transcriptions.

Thanks in advance for any help


** perhaps Dover regarded either the original organ work or the transcription as doubtful or spurious or were precluded by copyright from including it - just speculation

-- Mark McKenzie (maarrk@hotkey.net.au), June 12, 2001


help no longer needed



-- Mark McKenzie (maarrkk@hotkey.net.au), July 14, 2001.

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