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I put this in under the "Entertainment/Recreation" category because I've gotten so much entertainment out of reading the older posts. One I just finished was from way back in 2000 about what we do to adorn ourselves. The posters described how they look, what they wear, if they have tatoos, what they wear for jewelery, etc. What fun! It would be interesting to hear from them to see if they've changed much.

I'm 54, about 5'4", a little more overweight than I'd like. (Used to have an hour-glass figure, but my sand has shifted.) Mostly wear sweats or jeans and tee shirts with one of DH's shirts over top, love my bib overalls. Also like those baggy dresses during the summer because I find them so much cooler. Never wear shorts to town! Short brown hair with streaks of gray. Can't decide whether to color or let it go. Only wear wedding ring and pearl earrings for jewelery (but they're real pearls!) although I do have some interesting pins. Gave up wearing a watch because I don't want to know what time it is. Love hats, but look silly in them. Hate bras and panty hose but make myself "dress up" every once in a while just so I don't forget how. No tatoos (yet)!

What to share a discription of yourself?

Thanks for reading.

-- Dianne in Mass (dianne.bone@usa.net), June 12, 2001


I am about 5'2 with shoulder length strawberry blonde hair. I have gained osme unwanted pounds and am now lifting weights ( have a home gym). I don't have any tatoos. I now only wear a wedding band. I used to have tons of jewerly, but they got lost in the move and they were never recovered. I never bothered buying any more. I used to wear toe rings, earrings (double poierced) and rings on almost every finger. All my jewerly was silver. I occasionally wear a watch. I usually dress in jeans and tee shirts. I do doll myself up if it's a night out.

-- Trish (inspiringwords@excite.com), June 12, 2001.

I rarely post here, but here goes. I'm 5'6", got a little chub here and there but not too bad, basic hourglass figure, pretty balanced top and bottom but definitely NOT a petite flower. Like the lady that posted before me I used to lift weights and now I have these big man-shoulders and man-arms. Not too pretty in dresses but they sure get the work done!!! LOL!! I have medium long curly/wavy auburn hair, blue eyes, some pesky freckles that I learned to live with 'cause they wouldn't go away, slightly upturned nose. My best feature is my eyes. I generally wear jeans and Henleys (remember those??) because I don't like plain t-shirts and either boots of some sort or moccasins if I'm not doing a lot of work. If I'm going to be doing a chore where I get really dirty or sweaty I wear cheap sweats so if they get ruined, no big loss. Occasionally wear bibs, ought to wear them more. I used to wear more jewelery but kept breaking or bending it so now I only wear a blue topaz ring on occasion, maybe some topaz ear studs. I have one small tattoo, about 1" x 1" of a rose, but it's not generally visible. Hey, I rebelled when I hit 30.

-- HannahMariaHolly (hannahholly@hotmail.com), June 13, 2001.


-- trendle ellwood (trendlespin@msn.com), June 13, 2001.

Well, here goes! I'm about 5 ft f and I weigh about 140 which is 20 pounds more than I'm comfortable with!!! But I don't really look fat but I don't like the extra weight! Hoping to work a lot of it off this summer and am eating more just vegetables!

I have brown hair that I have been keeping dyed but I may let it soon go back to being "brown with lots of gray". It turns under at my shoulders, is parted in the middle and I have bangs. I just turned 49 years old.

I seldome wear jewlery other than my wedding band and simple earrings in my pierced ears. I have a little silver chain I usually wear around my neck (all the time including showers) but it is in the shop having it's clasp fixed.

I usually wear jeans and some sort of pull over top (maybe a little dressier than a tee shirt but not much). I wear this even when I'm doing my job as a reporter unless I'm covering court or a high-profile meeting and then I'll wear a nicer top and maybe some dress pants.

Working in my home office it's usually jeans and a tee shirt or boxer shorts and a tee shirt. And I'm usually bare-footed!

-- Suzy in Bama (slgt@yahoo.com), June 13, 2001.

Hey Suzy!!

Y'all notice how messy hair seems to be a common trait? Mine looks like a tornado hit my head all the time.

-- HannahMariaHolly (hannahholly@hotmail.com), June 13, 2001.

I seem to be the old lady here. Almost 59, 4'9" tall, about 95 lbs. Short grey hair, used to have very long hair but got tired of it, hazel eyes and wear glasses. Gave up the contacts after 40+ years last Dec. Gave all my jewlery to my daughters so I only wear my wedding ring. 40 years on the 26th. Wanted to really simplify.

I wear long dresses all the time, even when I used to work with the animals. I prefer not to wear a bra, but gravity has taken hold. I do exercise every morning but mother nature knows how old I am. My figure is more pear shape, look much better coming than going I am sure.

My best feature is probably my skin. I have been told that it is very young looking and people seems suprised when I tell them how old I am. My mother never looked her age. Anyway, I am what I am and I look like what I look like and my husband seems just fine with that.

What is odd is that everyday when I look in the mirror, I see, to me, an old face and wonder how can that face be so old and I feel so young inside. I feel ageless inside. Does anyone understand or have you experienced that feeling? I really believe that age is a frame of mind. I have know people who at 30 were old, my husband and I will never be old. He is 65 going on 66 and sometimes acts like a 5 year old (in a good way.

-- Cordy (ckaylegian@aol.com), June 13, 2001.

I know what you mean. I'm 36, which isn't old, I know, but I feel about like I did when I was 20-25. It's very strange. I do have a few more creaks and squeaks now, arthritis is setting in in both hands and wrists and my lower back hurts a lot, but otherwise I feel like I did back then. I only hope I still feel young inside when I"m in my 50's, 60's, 70's....

-- HannahMariaHolly (hannahholly@hotmail.com), June 13, 2001.

Saw a funny comic in yesterday's paper:

"Amazing...All of a sudden when you reach a certain age...and you put your arm into your sleeve...your mother's hand comes out!"

Boy is that true!!!

Wishing you enough (already)!

-- Dianne in Mass (dianne.bone@usa.net), June 14, 2001.

ok, here goes... 5'2", short dark brown hair and eyes. I "try" to keep my hair neat, because I know I dont have much going for me below the shoulders. It runs in my family to be very overweight. I have about 100 lbs to lose. Seem to be stuck no matter what I do. Once fasted for 10 days, and lost zilch! Next trip to the doc is gonna focus on possible thyroid problems.

I wear homemade calico dresses, all made on the same princess style pattern. Hey, I found what looks best on me, and I have no reason to change. I go barefoot most of the time, which wreaks havoc on my feet. They are a mess of calluses. But as long as I dont see them, and they dont hurt, why should I worry about them?

I am a creative, imaginative person. Thus, I detest routine housework. I also do not delegate well. Thus, my list of to-do things is longer than I can manage. Please dont drop in without calling first, or I shall just have to pretend I dont mind a messy house. I HATE it when my house is out of order. I detest extra things under my feet. Extra things to have and to hold, to dust and to cherish. "A man's life consisteth not in the abundance of things which he possesseth." I love simplicity. The only jewelry I wear is occasional clip-on earrings to please the hubby when going out. I do wear a little makeup sometimes, but not much.

-- daffodyllady (daffodyllady@yahoo.com), June 14, 2001.

Hi Gang! Ok, I'll give it a shot. I'm 5'7", blue eyes, a little more rounded than I would like, maybe 15#. Shoulder length brown/highlighted hair. (hey! my daughter is a cosmetologist - it's a bargain!) At home in the gardens or canning, usually in shorts & t- shirts. When working (for a certain skin care company known for their pink vehicles) I wear dresses, hose, jewelry and makeup. At home, usually just moisturizer and wedding ring. Am currently 43, but the other day got asked if I was in my 30's. THAT made my day! Feet would be the 'weakest link' as I'm usually barefoot! Hubby likes the taking care of myself and comments frequently. Not too fussy about most of it. Have a great day.

-- Nancy (nannyk58@yahoo.com), June 14, 2001.

I've really enjoyed reading these posts; it's almost like I could pick ya'll out in a crowd. On the spur of the moment, I decided to paint my nails BRIGHT RED!!!! It hides the garden dirt so much better. (Grin.)

-- Dianne in Mass (dianne.bone@usa.net), June 14, 2001.

I always say I have an hour glass figure..a 24-hour hour glass figure!! Yeah, the pounds have come and gone and come back again with a vengeance. I am 5 ft 1/2 inch 185 pounds. Don't worry about a poochy tummy gals and guys..in tai chi we are taught that that is where our chi (life force) resides and you are supposed to relax those muscles to give it room. Hard lesson to learn for a gal thats always trying to suck her tummy in!! Short brown hair thats always full of bug spray, no make up most of the time, short nails, painted toe nails (also short..LOL), and only wedding band and engagement ring as adornment most of the time. I dress up for church and special occassions but am being referred to as Farmer Brown at the local store when I run in for something covered in dirt and wearing rubber boots and a ball cap. Freckles abound and where I am not sunburnt and freckled I am ghostly white. Planning on getting a tattoo next year (only took 10 years to break in the idea to Hubby). My dear friend gave herself the gift of a tattoo for her 60th birthday this year so now husband doesn't think I am so crazy for having wanted one for so many years. :o) Thats about it for how I look except that these days I have a red nose and eyes...hayfever!!!! Argh! Tis the season to be sneezin'!

-- Alison in N.S. (aproteau@istar.ca), June 18, 2001.

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