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I am a new fan of Michaels and to be honest am a little lost! I don't know much about him in general and haven't actually seen any of his early films. I have wanted to see 'Get Carter' due to a friend recommending it to me. I have an interest in 'different' films (filmed in different ways) and am a HUGE fan of Stanly Kubrick's films. As a result of this I have been told to watch 'Get Carter'. I looked around for a while trying to find it without luck, then I forgot all about it until I went to see Eddie Izzard (transvestite comedian in UK-for those reading this who do not know who he is) whom I have written a short script for. I told him briefly how it would be filmed if it ever did become a film and he told me that it reminded him of 'The Italian Job' (obviously another Sir Michael great). I have also not seen this film either and asked him what it was like...he said that if I ever saw one film it should be 'The Italian Job'! Apparently Eddie is a HUGE fan of Michael.

I think that I should maybe get to the point! Erm...does anybody know where I can buy/rent the videos in the UK (I've tried many stores and had no luck!) and also any info about him. All I know is his birthday, real name and other general info that has been put up on this site!!

Thankyou very much for your help, I am very grateful to you all!!


-- Kelly-Emma Dawson (, June 12, 2001


Response to I am only 17 and a VERY recent addition to Sir Michael's fans!

You can buy lots of Michael Caine videos (and books, dvds, etc) through this site. They range in price from 5.29 to around 15. Get Carter and the Italian Job are definitely both available on various formats. Try

In addition, if you keep checking out, you'll see what Michael Caine films are being shown in the next 14 days on UK TV. If you have satellite or cable, both Turner and Sky Movies have a good selection of Michael Caine films showing at the moment, including Zulu, Funeral in Berlin, Get Carter and Curtain Call.

-- Marjorie Johns (, June 12, 2001.

I have over 60 of Michaels movies on Video Cassette and am slowly starting to build up a collection of DVDS. I also have many books written about him and a few signed photos and of course many websites dedicated to the great man.

-- Stewart C.Bailey (, June 17, 2001.

HMV stores (especially the huge one in Oxford Street, London) have a vast collection of Mike's films on both DVD and VHS.

-- Gemma Mynott (, July 01, 2001.

If your vcr is NTSC compatible, try or They have some of Michael's films that have been deleted in the u.k for some time.

You can also find some bargains at

Let me know if there are specific titles you are looking for and I can help out.


-- Darren Cook (, July 29, 2001.

I am starting to buy Caine related items and films from ebay the auction site even picked a few smaller objects up for 1 well worth a look.

-- Stewart C.Bailey (, February 09, 2002.

hi kelly its me. i don't know if you still visit this site but if you do hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is this yet another of your fads? i found your e'mail address buy simply typin your name, loasd of your weird stuff came up. hope your well, am going to e-mail you but i don't know if you'll still use the same address so if not an you see this e-mail me.

-- sarah williams (, September 05, 2002.

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