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Looking for feedback from anyone who might have owned or at least rowed a Kingfisher 22, plywood epoxy construction. Does the "feel" of the boat compare with any of the popular o/w sliding seat boats? What about maintenance? Does the boat have to be stored inside or can it survive in a waterproof canvas cover outside? I would appreciate hearing of your experience, however minimal, with this craft.

-- Ernie DeRushie (, June 11, 2001


Ernie- I built and rowed Graeham King's Kingfisher several years ago. She go's together rekatively straightforward- but this is not a "first" boat project. Woodwooker skills required. See Woodenboat magazine 10-15 years ago on step by step article. I finished mine out in epoxy bright finish. She was stunning- always attracted admirers. And in the evening with the sun's rays catching her waterline- she was breathtakingly beautiful.

It takes some skill to row too- I thought I might never master it. And when you spill you have to swim it to the beach. No boarding from the water.

It is FAST- you will leave everything else in your wake. Also much more quiet that plactic boats. It feels precise- you feel more connected with the water. This is the fastest of the rec rowers- it takes a racing shell to out run it.

God's sake- don't put a beautiful king outside under a tarp- shurly it deserves better- perhaps some kind of fiberglass hanger- the boat rolling in and out on some sort of trolly.

I finallyu sold mine to the UC Davis rowing club. I miss her still. Good luck

-- Dale R. Hamilton (, June 18, 2001.

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