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I have seen on the message board that Peter Carroll is writing a book about Jane. Would love to know when it will be released and what the title is.

-- Jeni Machin (, June 11, 2001


I planned to have completed my book in the Spring but something keeps popping up to stop me - having received an enthused flood of information conerning my extensive research - now I have to return to Bradgate Park but am unable so to do because of the Foot and Mouth regulations. There is something there, in Bradgate, crucial to my conclusion of the faction novel. I feel compelled not to complete until I have this info which will give the poor girl full justice. Will advise when published. Title pending.

-- Peter Carroll (, June 11, 2001.

Please e-mail me when your novel is complete and ready for publication.I would love to read it.I have been interested in Tudor history all my life and Lady Jane Grey is one of my favorite Tudors.Im glad to hear that someone is finally writing a book that explains her story as she saw it.


-- Verna Wilson (, October 28, 2001.

I just recently stumbled upon the life of Jane, while researching Mary Tudor for an English paper. Now I have changed the topic of my paper to Jane. :) I would love to read more about her, and I am very interested in your book. If you would, please email me as well when you are finished.

thank you,

-- April Michelle Bratten (, November 02, 2001.

I'd love to hear when your book is released. I've always been interested in the History of Astley Castle, owned by the Grey's. Also, I've read a bit about Jane, and of course, there is the movie. I'd very much like to read this new account of her life.

-- mary minkowski (, March 06, 2002.

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