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I'm searching for a Scandinavian or UK based supplier of Arista (FP4 plus) 5x7" sheet film. A test made in View Camera Magazine showed that this film is identical with FP4 plus. I want to check this out, but where to buy the film.

-- Sverre Aurstad (, June 11, 2001


I looked at Maco`s website, their UP100+ is similar to FP4+, but they only list 4*5" box of 50 at 26 Euro including tax but plus shipping.

-- Wolfram Kollig (, June 11, 2001.

You order it from Freestyle camera here in the USA. Arista is their house brand. The 5x7 really looks good in the 125 speed. I have shot over 100 sheets so far & will be buying more. Freestyle does ship out of the USA.

-- Dan Smith (, June 14, 2001.

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