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Is anyone using Explorations in Music by Haratounian (Kjos)? I have several packets of books, teacher's manuals, and tapes sent to me several years ago. They look really good, and I'm considering using them for several students. Your input would be welcome!

-- Jon Ensminger (, June 10, 2001


I have the entire set and used them for a while. I agree they are well-done! I stopped using them for a variety of reasons, but that has nothing to do with the books themselves. A few students didn't like her voice on the tape (sorry, JH!); one thought it "talked down to him"...(maybe he was "too old" for her tone?). Despite all of my planning, I just didn't feel right about assigning any written work that didn't reinforce exactly what we covered in lessons. I love the cassette's content but wish they would hurry up and transfer everything to CD. I like the idea of a separate theory book, esp. for transfers or when I want to mix and match method series, but I've returned to prefering a correlated Lesson and Theory book.

I would suggest using the upper levels, but I find it easier to use the correlated theory books for the first few levels. Book 4 is perfect for many Intermediate students. Lately I'm starting to develop (literally) all of my own materials, so I can just print what I need when I need it.

The TESTS are nice for transfers to see what they know. Now I'm curious what other teachers think of this series!

-- John Bisceglia (, July 10, 2001.

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