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Just an update. Despite two schedualed events being called off due to high winds the Cape Cod Viking Rowing Club will be having a Pleasant Bay day messabout in Orleans, Massachusetts on June 17,2001. We will be LEAVING the River Road ramp in Orleans at 10:30 a.m. I suggest an early arrival since this ramp can get busy with the bass running the way they are. Remember it's Father's Day so all dad's get to do what hey want and what better way to spend Father's Day. See the Cape Cod Viking web site for possible updates.

-- capt. rehab (, June 10, 2001


We threw the dice and won. As an old timer at the River Road dock said to us as we debated the oncoming storm and who might show up "Many a good day on the water has been spoiled waiting for the weather." He was right. With all the stinkpotters afraid of the weather channel a small contngent of four boats and eight humans we were almost the only ones at the landing and at the ramp. Unheard of for any other weekend day in the summer hereabouts. We pulled into a fog bank off of Kents Point which we stayed in the whole day untill heading back up the River from Little Pleasant Bay. A great dad's day. Hope to see more folks next

-- Capt. Rehab (, June 17, 2001.

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