DV Deck or cheap camera for editing?

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I need a DV deck to capture footage, write out tapes and to have a hard codec while editing so I can watch my work on a composite monitor.

The cheapest decks I have found are still around $1200. However, I had a thought - why not buy a cheap DV camera (for around $500) and simply use it as a deck? From what I've read, the main reason not to use a camera as a deck is to avoid wear & tear on your camera, but if I'm not using it as a camera...

Are there any downsides to this?


-- Mojo (mojospfx@aol.com), June 09, 2001


I am in same boat, I heard it can be around $900 to fix the wearing part in cameras as decks , but I am also having trouble finding a cheap enough deck. I use my camera as a deck alot vjing so i am concerned. Good luck dan sydney

-- Dan (manadanzen@bigpond.com.au), December 04, 2001.

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