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Does anybody know how to fix up a hazy viewfinder? I purchased my first Brownie recently and have been able to get it into what seems to be perfect working order except for the viewfinders, which are both very hazy. I have tried everything from Windex, to glass wax, to grade 0000 steel wool, and I have not been able to get a clear image in the finders. I have only messed with one, so that I could have a control to compare it to, but nothing has made a difference. If anyone has any idea how I can get a clear image through my viewfinders, any help would be much appreciated. I am a perfectionist, and I do not want to run a roll of film through the camera until I am sure that I can take as good a picture as possible.

Thank you, "Rainy"

-- John J. Bonner (, June 08, 2001


The problem is probably not the glass of the viewfinder but more the mirror inside the vf. Not sure if and how you could open your model 616 but some boxes have little screws to hold the front up. If you then take the screws out, the front will come off and you will see the two mirrors. Be carefull as could have been glued in place but the glue might be old and the mirrors could come off easily.

The mirrors are little pieces of mirror glass which you could replace or try to clean CAREFULLY with some water and cotton-tips. Sometimes the mirrors are dusty, other times they are old and show brown spots. Try not to remove the mirrors as the back paint could come off and ruin the mirror, which you then certainly will have to replace.

I have cleaned all my brownie viewfinders and most of them are near perfect again, certainly good enough to take pictures with. Finding 616 film or a replacement will be your biggest concern. Let me know when you have any more questions.

-- Mischa Koning (, June 12, 2001.

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